Month 5 Must Haves

1. Baby Activity Center. - Lucy is seriously obsessed with this thing. She absolutely loves playing in this.. sometimes she actually prefers it more than being stimulated by me. Alone play time is super great for development and this is sure to bring lots of smiles.

2. Beaba BabyCook - This is by far the easiest and most simple way to make baby food. This thing steams and purees food super fast. Definitely worth the money.

3. Munchkin Baby Spoons - These spoons are a must, they are super colorful and Lucy loves to hold them. They are also soft and safe.

4. Front Carrier - regardless of the brand you go with I seriously recommend one of these babies. I use ours constantly.

5. Ice Teethers - now that little miss thing is teething these come in handy at night time when I can tell her gums ache

6. Fisher Price light up Bear - Lucy got this as a gift from her Grandma Helen and she loves playing with it. She also got two other light up toys one is a ladybug and one is a sea turtle which she equally loves. At 5 months babies are much more aware of their surroundings and these toys are super engaging and fun. 

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