Thanksgiving 2013

We flip flop holidays every year, this year we spent Thanksgiving with Matt's side of the family and Christmas will be with the Harlan's. We are crossing our fingers that maybe next year we won't actually have to split the holidays! We traveled all the way to Kansas this year and Lucy was quite the angel on the plane rides. She truthfully didn't make a peep and smiled at the hundreds of people traveling the day before Thanksgiving. Once we got to Kansas we were quickly greeted with dozens of people. The total count for Thanksgiving was about 37 people; It was quite the celebration! Lucy was passed around like a hot potato and loved most every minute of it. She wasn't the only adorable little one though, we finally got to meet Henrick, Elizabeth, and Adelyn. (well we've already met her :-)) We also got to spend time with our niece and nephew who are growing like crazy and getting so so smart. Logan is just the most well-mannered easy going guy, and Elena is quite possibly the cutest 2 year old I've ever seen. Girlfriend has super sass one minute, then the next she is sweet as pie. I just love seeing them grow up, I can vividly remember them Lucy's size and it makes me really see how time flies! Lucy got quality time with her two Aunties, her Uncle, Nana, and Papa. I'm super thrilled we were able to go to Kansas and we had such a lovely time. We truly have so much to be thankful for this year, and we were so blessed to be able to share the holiday with so much family!!

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