Month 6 Must Haves for Baby

1. Infantino Fresh Squeezed Station. Seriously this thing is amazing.. Say so long to buying those pouches of fruit and veggies when you can make your own at home for a fraction of the cost and zero gross additives. 

2. Munchkin fresh food feeder. Lucy is obsessed with these things and the best part is she can't choke on them! She especially loves frozen breastmilk and bananas in them!

3. Boogie Wipes. Let me tell you, these things are a Mama's best friend. Lucy got her first cold a couple weeks ago and these saved us. They smell great and get all the nasty boogies out. And I personally like the Grape scent.

4. Munchkin Sippy cup with handles. So my child is pretty much spoiled at this point when it comes to breastfeeding and refuses to take any bottle. The pediatrician recommended trying a sippy cup and she loves it! Granted we've just introduced it and her hand-eye coordination isn't exactly up to parr but I have a feeling this will stick!

5. Eddie Bauer High Chair. We purchased this high chair because honestly I loved the way it looked. It is super stylish and works great.

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