Bouncers are a God-sent.. or a sister-in-law sent ;-)

Matt's older sister Jenn gave us the most ridiculous amount of hand-me-downs ever. I wouldn't even call them hand-me-downs because most of it is practically new! In all honesty I haven't had to buy Lucy barely any clothes because Jenn gave us so much adorable stuff. Not to mention the gym mat she gave us, the Bumbo chair, the baby baths.. the list goes on for days. (no but really.. and that's just the girl stuff!) We are so incredibly lucky to have such generous family and I tell you what, this activity bouncer is absolutely wonderful. If Lucy could talk, she would demand to go in her exersaucer. So I can never thank you enough Jenn and Patrick, we haven't had to worry about 75% of the things needed for a baby because you provided us with so many amazing things. Love you guys!

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