Cloth Diapering Update

Love these cute booty covers!

^ a few of my stash

So I said that I would update the blog about how cloth diapering is going and here we are 2 months later and going strong. Most of my readers could probably care less about cloth diapering.. but honestly it's become sort of like a hobby at this point. You really have to go all in or else you'd be wasting money!

 I'm proud to say that I've gone completely cloth and have zero disposables in the house. Overall I'd say cloth diapering has been really great. The washing has been slightly temperamental and I've had to do a couple rinses here and there to get some of the stink out.. but I feel like that's to be expected. I have to say I've become a huge fan of the One Size Pocket Bum Genius 4.0. I prefer them much more than my Rumparooz. The fit is better and they require less adjusting when putting them on a squirmy baby. I have switched detergents temporarily because of our extremely hard water situation. 

I'm currently using Rockin Green Hard Rock. Apparently if you have super hard water it can create a nasty buildup on your diapers causing them to leak and also hold stink more. I started to notice that she would leak sooner than normal and the inserts weren't smelling all that fresh. So before switching detergents I did a few hot water rinses on my diapers without any soap to try and get any buildup out of the diapers. I then switched to Rockin' Green and have been using it for a few weeks and it really does seem to be helping. Washing the diapers every other day also is something I'd recommend. One less day that diaper stench has to permeate :-/. I may be switching back to my tried and true Tide original powder once we move but for now I use a little less than 2 tablespoons for 17-19 diapers. 

You can order it from
^and they do military discount.. or military coupon!

With Lucy being a belly sleeper I've had some issues with leaks. She is now sleeping around 10-12 hours at night (knock on wood) which means these diapers have to last that long. I've done loads of research and apparently if you are the lucky parents of belly sleepers there aren't many options for leaks.. and leaks are super common at night. So I am confident to say that I think I've finally come up with a solution for her leaks. I basically layer 3 inserts in her diaper. I use a hemp soaker as the last layer because it is the most absorbent. I also push the bulk of the inserts to the front. (near her belly). This seems to work most days and I try not to stress too much if she leaks a little hear and there.. I guess that's just the way it goes! 

Again my wash routine is this: (currently I have a top loader super old school washer)
(using maximum water level)
1. Cold rinse then spin (no detergent)
2. Hot long heavy wash (a little less than 2 tbsp of Rockin' Green)
3. Warm/Cold rinse and spin (until no suds remain) (no detergent)
4. Lay covers flat to dry. 
5. Put inserts and wet bags in dryer on normal cotton cycle.

Products I've purchased for cloth diapering are:

20 Bum Genius 4.0 One Size Pocket Diaper found here
3 Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diaper found here
Planet Wise Wet Bags: One size large. One size small. Found here
Hemp Babies Diaper Doublers found here
Flushable Diaper Liners Bummis size large found here
Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner found here
Trash Pail found here

I also contacted Rockin Green customer service and received some great advice! She advised that stripping your cloth diapers periodically is super beneficial, even if they don't have an odor. She also suggested to bleach your washer once a month to clean out any build up! If you ever need cloth diapering advice, Rockin' Green's customer service is very helpful. To reach them call : 855.855855.RNG.SOAPRNG.SOAP

Rockin Green's suggested stripping method:

  1. soak 15-20 diapers in hot water overnight 4-6 hours using 2tbsp of Rockin Green (can be done in your bath tub)
  2. agitate diapers periodically (with your hands go in and shake them around in the water)
  3. wash on a delicate warm short wash
  4. wash on a long hot heavy duty wash
  5. final cold delicate wash
  6. rinse until you no longer see any suds

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