Happy Valentine's Day!!

Home-made headband might I add :-)

Thanks for the adorable onsie Grandma Helen!

Girlfriend was definitely not feeling this last one! 

In honor of Valentine's day I have decided to not only share these adorable Valentine's day photos of Lucy, but to also make a love list of things I've really taken a liking to lately. So here it goes:

1. The Active Apparel website for workout gear. They have some of the funniest work out clothes and I'm all about them. 

2. Sassy Cloth handmade diapers on Etsy. These are truly some of the cutest hand-made cloth booty covers I've found to date. Link is here  

3. Old Navy... basically everything they have to offer, especially baby clothes. I'm in love with the price for this sleep set and the adorable hearts, perfect for Valentine's day. 

4. Groovebook. This photo app is truly a God-sent. You download the app which costs $2.99 a month, upload all your photos from your phone and like magic they deliver you a book with removable 4x6 images. Totally worth the money, especially for someone like me who snaps photos constantly. (way cheaper than Walmart) 

5. Mad Housewife Cabernet Sauvignon. This label is just too perfect for how I've been feeling lately. And it's actually a pretty decent wine!

6. This hilarious YouTube video. Apparently I'm way behind the curve, but who cares, this had me rolling.. and Lucy dancing. What does the Fox Say?

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