Hello February,

So to be entirely honest the past few weeks have felt VERY long. This tiny apartment's walls are closing in on me. Our dryer broke no less than 5 times and our hot water heater went cold. Ugh, and those long days when Matt wakes up before Lucy and gets home after she's in bed really are no fun. Being a single car family is also wearing on me. Anyway we are crossing our fingers and praying that Matt's training will be wrapping up here shortly and they will send us on our merry way back to North Carolina. It's not that I'm not enjoying the California life, I am, I just feel as if we are always waiting for the next thing. Our next duty station will finally last more than a year. I'm beyond thankful for Matt's job but I am very thankful it is February.. another month or so and who knows, we may be headed back across the U.S. So to spruce up my mood I am going to list some things that I love.. I mean after all February is the month of LOVE !

Lucy's belly laugh

A photo with the perfect lighting

Facetiming with my family

A glass of deep red wine and a cup of rich dark coffee

Matt waking up before us girls and making breakfast

Lucy's face when her Daddy walks through the door

Dove Dark Chocolates

A reassuring text message from a friend or family member

That baby smell

Friday night dinner dates

Stroller walks on a sunny Cali day

When she sleeps 12 hours zzzz... :-)

Her reaction when I come get her from her crib

Looking at photos

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