Lucy- 7 Months

Length: 27 inches (85% for her height)
Weight: 17.5lbs (55% for her weight)
Appearance: Chubbiest cheeks in the world and I'm loving it. Huge dark eyes and the most expressive brows I've ever seen! Girlfriend is long! Everyone always comments how big she is, but who knows! She is happy chubby breast fed girl!
Firsts: First time using a sippy cup.. First time trying: pears, apples, blueberries, acorn squash, melon & banana. First time picking up something and putting it in her mouth. (like a tiny puff!) First time riding in a shopping cart.. such a big girl.
Personality: She is a trip. This child HATES being in her carseat, but LOVES being in her jumper. She loves being naked and hates getting dressed. She loves drinking from her sippy but refuses a bottle. She loves being the center of attention and giggling for a room full of people. She loves her morning nap and hates her afternoon nap. She loves the baby in the mirror and sucking her thumb. She screams SO loud sometimes and is definitely finding her big girl voice and her temper tantrum tears. She still loves bath time and loathes getting out of the bath. She loves when her Daddy comes home from work and gives him a giant smile. She loves her tummy being kissed and tickled. She truly does love the camera.. most days. She is quite possibly the happiest baby on earth. The moments when she is even slightly fussy, Matt and I both are like oh God, what is wrong! 
How Mama is Feeling: Feeling great as far as motherhood is concerned. I've loved making all of her baby food and her personality is truly shining through. All day long I try to make her laugh and when she does it is the most amazing sound in the world. I'm really itching to move but I'm trying not to rush the days because as much as I want to move, I don't want Lucy to grow up so fast.. she is only this little once. Physically I'm feeling pretty great, I've started a regular exercise routine again (mostly walking up very steep California hills). 
What I've learned as a mom: I've learned that there are times when she will wine even when nothing is wrong. (example.. being in the car seat every time) I've learned to accept more help from Matt more often, even though I would do it completely different. I've learned mostly how important it is to have a solid partner through parenting. Just when I'm at my wits end, it's Matt who's there in an instant helping me through it. We've learned how constant communication is so incredibly important. Mostly I've learned that just when I think I've got the hang of it.. something changes. I have come to realize that the changes are amazing. I've learned that a tiny 7 month old can have the most incredibly huge personality and I just adore it.

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