Lucy - 8 Months

Length: 27.5 inches 
Weight: 18.1 lbs 
Appearance: Eyelashes for days, long chubby legs, rolls on rolls on rolls, giant gorgeous eyes and the most kissable cheeks. She is also finally getting some hair!
Firsts: First time to the nail salon, I got a pedicure while she sat on my lap :-) First time pushing up on all fours. (almost crawling!) First time watching a Disney Princess movie, she was so into it.
Personality: She is a loud baby. Not loud as in crying, but 'talking' all the time. She is constantly babbling to herself. Every time she eats pureed food she makes an "mmh mmh" noise, then as soon as the last bite is over she throws a little fit. She still loves her jumper and is still sleeping through the night! She loves snuggling in the morning and after her naps. 
How Mama is Feeling: Feeling a little anxious about our big move coming up but mostly feeling pretty awesome. Lucy is hard to entertain at times but she is certainly a lot more fun as each day passes. Feeling a little nostalgia about how much time has passed. I can hardly believe in 4 months I will be planning her first birthday party.. jeesh.. but not yet!
What I've learned as a mom: I've learned that the dishes can wait, and I can vacuum tomorrow. I can't get back those giggles or watching her discover things for the very first time. I've learned that a baby's schedule can differ from day to day, just when I think I've got a great nap schedule down she throws me for a loop and changes everything! 

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