Lucy - 9 Months

Length: 28 1/4 inches (75% for her height)
Weight: 19.5 lbs (60% for her weight)
Appearance: Can you say rolls! I believe the doctor said "I mean she looks like she could survive through the winter" Long curly lashes and teeny feet. (the only thing tiny about her) She wears a 3-6 month shoe still. 
Firsts: First time waving!! She has muttered the words "Da Da" and "Ma Ma" but not exactly in the direction of either me or Matt. 
Personality: She loves her paci, but adores sucking her fingers more. She loves picking up food and eating with her fingers. She hates not being able to crawl.. but refuses to try. She's rather lazy. She loves to snuggle after nap time and loves falling asleep on your chest. She hates getting dressed and loves being naked. She adores bath time and any type of eating. She still nurses a TON and finds it hilarious to poke me after she's finished. She has mastered the fake laugh and loves her belly being tickled. She is still a holy terror in her car seat, and the smiles immediately return when we remove her from the seat. She loves Mum Mum crackers and they are a God-sent in the car. She loves waving to strangers and loves waving to Dad when he gets home from work. She loves her bestie Georgia and often sympathy cries whenever G gets upset. She loves kisses from Grams and Grand-daddy and Face-timing with everyone!
How Mama is Feeling: I'm seriously enjoying this age so so much. She isn't quite on the move yet and still is content hanging out in my arms. I am loving her personality and her babbling is so funny. 
What I've learned as a mom: I've learned to laugh it off. I've learned that just when you think you couldn't love them anymore you do. The dishes can wait so I'm making more time to get on the floor and giggle with her.

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