Lucy - 10 Months

^ she threw a fit when I would take that lens cap away ^

Length: 28 1/4 inches (75% for her height)
Weight: 19.5 lbs (60% for her weight) (still the same from last month.. she's kind of leveling off now)
Appearance: Chubs.. my favorite thing are those rolls I will be sad to see them go. She now has 4 teeth. Yes 4 in one month. The first one was the top left then the bottom two now the top right one is sprouting through. The first one popped up Easter day and the others are just coming like crazy. 
Firsts: First time clapping. First tooth!! First time crawling!! She crawled across the room like it was no big deal. First time eating my dinner. (lasagna!) First time eating cheerios. First time lowering her crib. First time pulling herself up to a standing position all alone!
Personality: She is quite the sensitive spirit I must say. She is very temperamental when it comes to nap time yet really doesn't fight bed time too much. She still despises the carseat, unless of course we put the Lorax on the iPad.. yes I gave in. She loves being held all the time and loves snuggling after her naps. She adores bath time and bubbles. She loves waving to Daddy when he comes through the door and she loves the swings. She loves "talking" to her best friend Georgia but does not like when her best friend screams really loud. (she in fact bursts in to tears) She loves going shopping and socializing outside of home. Lucy loves eating most everything and is deeply offended when the meal has reached completion. She now throws fits if I tell her now and whips her head back.. it's quite fun.
How Mama is Feeling: Lately I've been kind of exhausted. Lucy has been waking up earlier than usual.. maybe from these teeth. I really am just loving soaking up every moment with her.. a sibling may be further off than I first thought. I just love spending the day with her and watching her discover every little thing about life. 
What I've learned as a mom: I've learned that reaction is EVERYTHING. Your baby most often looks to you to see if they actually are hurt. Very adorable.

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