Lucy - 11 Months

Length: 29 ish inches 
Weight: 20.6 lbs 
Appearance: This child has 5 teeth!! Her rolls are slowing going away :-( She is seriously on the move and is losing that baby chub quick, I will surely miss it ! Her hair is thicker and her eyelashes are super model worthy.
Firsts: First time standing completely on her own for more than 10 seconds. First word "Dog" (besides Dada and Mama) First time signing she of course signed "cookie" First time at a wedding (the Ademski Moore Wedding) First temper tantrum.
Personality: She is becoming a spitfire this month! Phew! She has a mind of her own and and certainly knows what she wants. She loves to throw fits when she doesn't get her way. She now knows where her belly is if you ask her and has to be picked up by Dada if he walks by. She now claps if people on TV are clapping and she does a fake laugh if we start laughing. She still loves going on runs in the stroller and is getting better about the carseat. 
How Mama is Feeling: I am feeling rather great this month. She is back on a great schedule and she is hilarious. I enjoy watching her discover every little new thing and she cracks me up on the regular. Hanging out with her all day is just so much fun. She has her moments for sure, but for the most part we have a great time crawling around the house and pulling books off her shelf. My favorite is that now we have such an amazing sleep routine that she typically doesn't fight me on it! (knock on wood)
What I've learned as a mom: I've learned that a favorite food one day may be despised the next. I've learned that messes are only temporary. Water play is super fun and the simplest toys make for the best times.

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