Lucy - 12 Months

Length: 29.5 inches (54%)
Weight: 21.5 lbs (46%)
Appearance: Lucy has 7 teeth and is almost walking! She is brave and lets go but typically does a trust fall into the closest person's arms. She is a long baby and is growing out of her high chair fast! 
Firsts: First birthday! First time to the beach.. well actually getting to be in the sand. First time eating peanut butter. Last time nursing! She is officially weaned and loves cows milk.
Personality: Lucy is quite high maintenance. She requires everyones full attention. If she can successfully have everyone in the room watching her she is beyond thrilled. (and will certainly perform) She throws mini fits when she doesn't get what she wants and now points to the things she can see that she wants. She loves her two dogs and loves books. She officially rips her hair bows out and tries desperately to walk. She doesn't put her knees on the ground when crawling (it looks almost like a gorilla!) She loves to fake laugh when the room laughs. She is constantly putting her hands up in the air when we ask her how big she is. She can now locate her toes, noes, and belly. She can sign "eat", "more", "milk" and "cookie." She loves to make kissy noises when you say "Love you" or whenever her Dad walks out of the door to head to work. She does not love sleeping late but enjoys bath and book time. When you ask her what a dog says she responds with a quite "roof roof." The words she can say include (not exactly clear words mind you): fish, dog, duck, eyes, Mama, & Dada. She loves to snuggle and play on the ground with Dada.
How Mama is Feeling: I'm loving this stage. She tests my patience on the regular but overall she is so incredibly fun to hang out with all day long. She is high maintenance a lot of the time but I try to just go with it, and as the doctor said "Just because she's demanding, does not mean you are required to fulfill every demand." So there ya go girlfriend, throw your fits! 
What I've learned as a mom: To sum up her year I must say I would tell myself to enjoy every single moment, the good, the bad, the stinky, and the sleepy. Because yes the days can be long, but the years fly by. Love you Lucy Mae!

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  1. Okay sooo i deff cried while reading this.. dang hormones! lol So precious i love reading your stuff.