Months 6-12 Must Haves for Baby

1. Munchkin Sippy Cup. This cup is by far the greatest invention ever. The straw has a weight attached to the bottom of it so no matter where your baby flips this cup they can still get a drink! It also has a removable cover in case you wanna throw it in your diaper bag. Available at babysrus here. And for just $7 you can't go wrong!
2. The Dohm sound conditioner. Lucy really doesn't have terrible sleeping habits, however she also isn't exactly an angel when it comes to bedtime. This sound conditioner is great for blocking out ambient noise in the home or outside. Most moms would like to destroy those who wake their sleeping baby so also the price point on this puppy is a bit higher I am a firm believer in the Dohm. And it's great for travel to help your baby's nighttime routine stay consistent! Available on Amazon for $50 click here.
3. Summer Infant Extra Tall baby gate. This gate is not only stylish but also very easy for adults to open and close one handed. The finish on it helps match most homes and for your baby on the go it provides peace of mind once they learn to crawl. Can be purchases on Amazon for $57 here.
4. Stride Rite SRT soft Motion Uma shoes. Pretty soon your little one will want to explore the world by foot. These shoes are amazing for support and your little one's foot growth. They are extra supportive and super easy to put on and off. I love this pair because they are breathable and stylish. The inserts of stride rite also offer a growth chart so that you can see when your kiddo needs to upgrade to the next size. (based off their foot imprint) These can be purchased through stride rite here.
5. Activity Table. The one pictured above is not my table specifically but once your baby can pull up to a standing position, these tables are money. Fisher Price makes some pretty fancy ones but really any table should suffice.
6. 2 Am Miracle Natural Nursery Cleaner by Better Life. I first saw this product on Shark Tank and immediately fell in love with the company's take on cleaning products. I was nervous to use harsh chemicals when cleaning anything Lucy came in contact with. This company creates plant derived cleaning products that are safe for everyone! Not to mention this 2 AM Miracle product contains essential oils like lavender and chamomile to help your baby fall back asleep. I use this stuff for most all Lucy's toys. The name says it all, this stuff is a miracle worker for stains, spills, crayons, you name it! Check them out here.
7. Pop Out finger puppet books by Sara Gillingham. These books are gold when it comes to my daughter. Bedtime stories are that much more fun when a finger puppet is involved. She has dozens of titles and can be found on Amazon here.
8. California Baby Diaper Rash Cream & Grovia Magic Stick. These are my cloth diapering go to creams. They are both safe to use with cloth and offer awesome protection. When Lucy has a minor rash I go to the California Baby. After each diaper chance I grab the Grovia Stick. It provides a protective layer that basically wicks away moisture. I always have these on hand! They can both be found on Amazon.

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