Harlan Family Christmas 2014

This year we were lucky enough to celebrate Christmas with both sides of our family. We typically alternate years, but this time we were so blessed to have two Christmas mornings. My sister and brother in law came as well as my parents and grandparents! We had such an amazing time at my parents house and really got into the Christmas spirit even though actual Christmas morning wasn't for another couple of weeks. We ate such great meals and really had a low key time enjoying family. My grandparents were able to meet Lucy for the first time and it was so wonderful spending time with them. Lucy of course adored the endless amount of attention she received from her Grams, Grandad, Godparents, and Great Grandparents. She loved opening gifts and made sure to supervise all the unwrapping. Thanks mom and dad for hosting such a fantastic Christmas. Definitely one for the books! Love you so much

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