Essential Oils and Skin Care -DIY face cream

Another post will of course be dedicated to my recent love for DoTerra Oils, but this post specifically is about a DIY face cream that just about anyone can benefit from!

I borrowed this recipe from this neat blog. 
Images are my own

I of all people have super sensitive skin, I'm always looking for the next best product or treatment, usually with little to no luck! With that being said so far I've been using this home-made cream for about a week and really love it. I have oily skin naturally so after I shower I apply the cream all over my face and continue my bedtime routine. After about 10-15 minutes I cleanse my face with something mild like a Dove bar or Cetaphil then rinse with cold water. I then apply my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. This cream is also great all over the body. I'm sure I will eventually apply this cream and not feel the need to rinse it off but because coconut oil is, well rather oily, I wanted to make sure it wouldn't clog my pores.

Purpose of each oil in regards to this cream:

Frankincense: to eliminate dark spots, acne scars or uneven pigment, even dark circles!

Lemon: to brighten the overall look of your skin

Melaleuca (aka Tea Tree): kills pesky pimples and bacteria 

Lavender: anti-inflammatory properties to calm irritated skin as well as scarring and acne


Add 1 cup of coconut oil to your Kitchen Aid Mixer and start whipping it. Whip for 5-8 minutes until super fluffy.

Next add 30 drops of each oil (Lemon, Lavender, Melaleuca, and Frankincense). 

Continue whipping until oils are incorporated. (3 minutes)

**DISCLAIMER: I am not  a licensed aesthetician nor a skin-care professional of any sort. I am not responsible if this cream does not cooperate with your own skin. Try if you please !

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