1 Week Old

So it has already been one week since I've had miss Amelia, and boy do we adore her. It's hard to say what type of demeanor she may have considering she's only 7 days old. But the good news is her sister Lucy has been pretty amazing with her. (as good as a 20 month could be anyway!) Lucy asks for Amelia first thing when she wakes up in the morning by saying "Baby! Baby!" In fact, the first morning after getting home from the hospital Lucy had a minor panic attack when Matt attempted to take her down the stairs without the baby. She did not want me and Amelia to stay upstairs while they headed down for breakfast. Other than that Lucy has been pretty accepting of her new baby sister. She is constantly on paci patrol and gives her kisses before nap time and bed time. She gets mad because I currently am unable to pick her up and her temper tantrums are quite frequent. (nothing new there) Amelia is so sleepy all the time.. we forgot just how much they sleep, and eat.. phew she's eating all the time. Matt and I both agree that it seems as if Lucy has aged months in the past week.. perhaps it is because we now have a teensy newborn to compare her to. Overall this precious bundle sure is an amazing addition to our family. We are soaking in the snuggles because we now see just how fast time flies. 

We were lucky to have a couple super warm days.. perfect for Lucy's favorite activity.. water play!

Amelia and I hanging out on the side lines.

Amelia's first bath at home.

 Phone photos:

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