Amelia's Birth Story

It's hard to believe that I'm about to detail my second daughter's birth story. It seems like just yesterday that I brought home Lucy. Amelia's birth story couldn't be more different than Lucy's, and I wouldn't have changed a thing. I feel so blessed to have experienced polar opposite sides to child birth.

First things first, three days before Amelia's birth I started experiencing contractions. They were super intense enough for Matt and I to head straight to the hospital. I was convinced I had gone into labor and that they would admit me to the labor and delivery. Long story short I was indeed in labor but not enough to progress to full on labor apparently. So after the longest night ever they sent me and Matt home to wait.

The next day my doctor called and advised that I go ahead with an induction due to my blood platelets being all over the place and the fact that I was in such terrible pain the night before. Saturday morning rolled around and Matt and I headed to Wilmington for my scheduled 8 am induction. I was admitted and hooked up to an IV. Dr. Vogel came in and proceeded to break my water which kick started my labor. After this point they started the Pitocen to really get the ball rolling.

With second babies labor typically goes much quicker, and I was no exception. My labor progressed rapidly and before I knew it I was at 6 cm 100% effaced. My contractions were still bearable and I kept denying the epidural. Ten minutes later Dr. Vogel came in and casually said that I wouldn't be able to receive an epidural at any point during the labor because my platelets were just under the cut off. (I was at 98, the cut off is 100) Truthfully I wasn't devastated. In a way I really wanted to try natural child labor, but I was way to scared to actually go through with it. With this news it wasn't an option, I would be having this baby girl without an epidural...

This is my face before I heard about not receiving an epidural.

After that news I had no choice but to come to terms with what I was faced with. Matt continued to be my rock and helped me through each and every contraction. One by one they came.. and sure enough, one by one they went. It is unbelievable how one moment you can experience the worst pain of your entire life then the contraction subsides and I can find a smile through one of Matt's jokes. Once I reached 7-8 cm I was convinced that I would quite literally die with each contraction. The pain was unlike anything I've ever felt, it's inescapable, all consuming, the worst feeling in the entire world. I even turned to the nurse at one point during the contractions and asked if it was possible that I would die with the next contraction. She reassured me that it wouldn't happen... I'd live to see the day.

Thank God I have such an amazing husband. He typically doesn't tune into my blog posts so he won't get a big head as I begin to explain just how lucky I am to have this man in my life. During labor he was quite the rock star. Through every single contraction he was right there, calming me, grounding me, reminding me how strong I am. I'd say "Matt I cannot do this... I just can't do this." and every time he would respond by saying "yes you can, you already are, you've done it before, you are amazing." I could cry thinking about how great he was. Obviously child labor is completely physically up to the woman to accomplish, but I swear I could not have gotten through those contractions and pushing without my incredible husband. Seeing the look on his face when he met his second daughter was enough to make me fall in love with him all over again. Ok enough mushy stuff, on to the pushing.. EEEK

Without the epidural I was able to walk around all the way up until the bitter end. Dr. Vogel came in suited up and I was TERRIFIED! The contractions were enough to make me just about pass out but the though of pushing a human being out without any pain medication.. ouch. The pushing was fast.. according to the nurses. I pushed for about 15 minutes, but it felt like 3 hours. (props to women who push for hours on end.. I'd be like take me to c-section!) Pushing with Amelia was incredibly harder than I remember pushing with Lucy. It felt as if I was making no progress when in fact she was moving down. I locked eyes with Matt and pushed time and time again. Talk about the hardest workout of your life, long story short I had one final push and Amelia was here. (sounds easy huh?! I won't get into the nitty gritty, except for the fact that I was convinced she was at least 14 lbs considering how much it hurt!!) They placed her immediately on my chest and the rush of emotion hit me just as it had with Lucy. Amelia was covered in gunk and was the most beautiful little thing I'd ever seen.

Timeline Breakdown of Amelia's birth:

7:30am-- arrival
9:00am-- broke my water (3cm)
11:00am-- started pitocen (5cm)
11-1pm-- 5-8 cm
1:40-1:55pm-- PUSH PUSH PUSH
1:55pm-- Amelia's arrival

As much as I look back and remember how absolutely horrific the pain was I can't help but remember it fondly. (kind of doesn't make sense!) Without the epidural I felt more aware, more in tune, and damn proud of what I'd accomplished! The recovery seemed much easier. Not saying the pain was less but within two hours after delivering Amelia I was up walking around and taking a shower. My family came shortly after Amelia's birth and Lucy met her baby sister for the very first time. She was incredibly interested and gave her a kiss when we asked her to. Honestly the introduction couldn't have gone more smoothly, and I am so thankful for that. Most of you know how much of a fire-cracker Lucy is so we were just thankful she didn't attempt any funny business with the new baby. I was so incredibly happy that my sister drove all the way here for the weekend to meet Amelia. With my parents living so close they watched Lucy for us which made me feel so calm because I knew Lucy was happy and safe during this huge transition for our family. My parents got to meet Millie within hours of her arrival which was so special.

Amelia's bath at the hospital

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