DIY Ocean in a Bottle

This is a super easy project to do with your little one. I decided to go ahead and just make the ocean bottle for Lucy because she certainly wouldn't understand why she couldn't just dump the ocean out. But older kids would enjoy helping make it I'm certain. At 20 months, Lucy enjoys it pre-made just fine !

Here's what you'll need:

Empty bottle
Hot Glue
Vegetable Oil
Food Coloring
any additional items for fun (we used those pond stones, & a couple water themed stickers)

Here's how you do it:

1. Fill your bottle 1/3 of the way with water.
2. Add a few drops of your choice color food coloring, glitter, and any additional items.
3. Shake up the bottle to mix in the food coloring.
4. Fill the remainder of the bottle with oil.
5. Hot glue the lid closed so your little one can't get into it!
6. Explore the fun of shaking up your ocean bottle!

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