Essential Oils Introduction

I fully intend to have dozens of blog posts all related to essential oil uses and benefits. This post will be the first of its kind simply introducing the brand I've chosen and how you also can order oils for yourself! 

The company speaks for itself and in their words they best explain everything you'll need to know about essential oils. The information below is taken directly from their website:


In the spring of 2008, a group of health-care and business professionals who shared profound personal experiences with the life-enhancing benefits of essential oils came together with a common vision of bringing a new standard of therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world. They wanted something different that would appeal to all people—from those who knew nothing of essential oils to those who were considered experts in the field.

They concluded that, with hard work, commitment, and the help of others with similar passion and vision, they could and would create a new paradigm for essential oils. With that conviction, they organized a company and named it “dōTERRA,” a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth.” The first offering of dōTERRA essential oils—25 single oils and 10 oil blends—was introduced for sale on April 25, 2008, to the acclaim of essential oil experts and product enthusiasts who immediately recognized the superior quality of dōTERRA therapeutic-grade essential oils.

In addition to the ongoing development of new essential oils and proprietary essential oil blends, dōTERRA product offerings include nutritional, spa, and healthy living products based on essential oil technologies and a comprehensive wellness philosophy.
dōTERRA products are sold exclusively through Wellness Advocates. Working from home, these advocates introduce, educate about, and sell dōTERRA products in their local markets through person-to-person contact and globally through personalized web shopping sites.


Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, and flowers of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant, eliciting profound emotional responses. Yet the use of essential oils goes well beyond their fragrant appeal. 

Used throughout history for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits, essential oils can be used as natural alternatives in holistic self-care practices. Their unique chemistry allows them to be used aromatically and applied topically to the skin, while other essential oils can be used as dietary aids to promote vitality and well being.

dōTERRA® (meaning "Gift of the Earth") essential oils represent the safest, purest essential oils available in the world today. Each of dōTERRA's 

CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essentials oils is carefully extracted by a global network of skilled growers, distillers, and chemists ensuring a consistently powerful user experience. They are 100% pure aromatic extracts and contain no artificial ingredients and are tested to be free of contaminants such as pesticides or other chemical residues.

Why I turned to oils:

After having my daughter I became really interested in finding the healthiest, most natural ways to help her. Lucy has never been a sick kid, in fact she's always been pretty darn healthy! It's amazing how even when she got the sniffles I didn't immediately want to turn to Tylenol, Motrin, or other over the counter options. I wasn't against them by any standard but I was hoping to find another way. It really first began with my desire to for her overall health and it has is now blossomed into aiding most all our families ailments. I certainly don't write this post claiming to know everything about essential oils but I am learning every day about their wonderful benefits for just about everything. I love to try any natural remedies before turning to the trusty Children's Motrin for Lucy, or Tylenol Extra Strength for Matt and I. My love for these oils is surely growing and the more uses I find for them each day the more passionate I feel to tell the world how great they are! 

Matt and I decided to go ahead and become Wellness Advocates so we could enjoy the benefits of purchasing the oils without going through another party. We initially started with the Family Physician Kit. This kit includes: 5 mL bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue®, Breathe, DigestZen®, and On Guard®
• Slim & Sassy
• Wellness Advocate Introductory Packet*
• Enrollment
*The dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Introductory Packet includes a Living dōTERRA Naturally, Sharing dōTERRA Naturally, Building dōTERRA Naturally, Product Guide, cap stickers, and a welcome letter. 

Since then our collection has expanded, mostly with DoTERRA's amazing oil blends, these include: Zendocrine, Clary Sage, Elevation, Balance, & Serenity. My personal favorite being Elevation.. (this blog post to come)

Please feel free to visit my website and check out how oils can help you today!

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