Amelia - 1 Month

Length: 21 inches
Weight: 8 lbs 13 ounces
Appearance: Amelia has quite the chubby cheeks. She doesn't fit into newborn clothes or diapers anymore and as rosy skin. Although it's hard to tell now because she is so new I'm thinking her skin may be lighter than her sister's. Her eyes are currently big and bright blue. Her hair is blonde and may or may not be falling out. She has long fingers and blonde eyelashes.
Firsts: First time at the beach. First time meeting both sets of her grandparents and her Aunt Jen and Aunt Dani. First time puking on her older sister. First bath at home. 
Personality:  So far this little nugget is amazing. I hate to make any judgments about her personality since she is still so new. So far she seems pretty easy going. She is quite the ferocious eater and is done nursing in less than ten minutes. She LOVES to be held.. all day long. I'm not kidding she rarely wants to be put down and I wear her constantly. She loves snuggling and kisses from her sister.
How Mama is Feeling: Truthfully I'm exhausted. This whole two under two is no joke. They require every ounce of patience I have but I wouldn't change a thing. Amelia is just sheer perfection and I only wish I could sit and dote over her every second. We take full advantage of Lucy's naps and snuggle on the couch. I get nothing done but I don't care, this little babe will only want to snuggle for a short period of time and I am trying to soak every bit of this newborn as I can. I always wish I had more energy, more patience, and more time with each girl. Amelia needs me in so many ways that differ from Lucy and I would give anything to hang with her on the couch all day long and snuggle. So Amelia has no choice but to come along for the ride with her wild sister.  
What I've learned as a mom: Phew.. I don't know if this section should even be included for the second child.. Let's just say right now surviving is an accomplishment. My new motto is 'never say never'. When a second bundle of joy enters your home, chaos certainly ensues like never before. Go with it. Get through the day and have laughs, snuggles, and tantrums along the way, you'll get through it all, one day at a time. They are both fed and alive.. let's leave it at that ;-)

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