Essential Oil Roll-Ons

I've recently been getting into making my own essential oil roll ons. They are so fun to make and great to carry with you in your purse. So far I've made two, one for allergies and the other is a mood enhancer. I purchased my rollers from Amazon: HERE

My first roll on I'd like to call Liquid Xanax. I used it continuously during child labor and I absolutely love the scent for every day. I even use it for Lucy to calm her temper tantrums. (jury's out as far as it's success with her ;-)) This blend is best used to keep calm and help with anxiety.

Recipe for Liquid Xanax
15 drops serenity
15 drops balance
fill remainder of roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil

The second roller I decided to make was for allergies. This is the glorious time of year where disgusting yellow pollen starts covering every surface. If you didn't have allergies before moving to North Carolina.. you will before you leave. Itchy eyes and sneezing is certainly no fun for anyone!

Recipe for Allergies
15 drops lemon
15 drops peppermint
15 drops lavender
fill remainder of roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil

I plan to make plenty more roll ons in the future, but so far these are the two I've made! Stay tuned for the headache relief roll on as well as the happiness roll on!

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