To you, the military spouse:

When you've had to say "see ya later" one too many times.
When you're used to hearing honey I won't make it home before dinner, or to help put the kids to bed.
Or when you'd love to plan any single celebration and know for sure he will be there. 

Know you are appreciated.

When your pride overshadows your desperate need for a helping hand. 
When you can't even begin to complain because so many others have a harder story than yours. 
And when you are left alone packing up the house yet another time.. After being notified of the move a week prior. 

This post is for you. 

When you finally get a phone call from him only to have the call cut off due to poor reception, and never hearing back. 
When you have days longer than you can bear to stand.
Or when you serve mac n cheese and hotdogs for the 3rd time this week. 

This day is for you.

When your toddler sees you smiling through your tears and gives you a hug.
When she screams "HI DA-DA" every time she hears or sees a helicopter.
Or when everyone rejoices that it's Friday and you've got months to go. 

You are stronger than you know. 

When you thank God for his job and beam with pride as you see him walk out dressed in his uniform.
When you hear someone say "you had to know what you signed up for"
And when you'd like to explain..but can't find the words

It's not for everyone they say. 

When the bills won't pay themselves.
When the kids won't calm themselves.
And when there's no time to even feed yourself.

You can make it through.

When acronyms become second nature.
Goodbyes become frequent. 
And when wine becomes necessary.

It's all worth it.

When responsibility weighs heavy 
When friends become family 
And when homecomings are treasured.

Here's to you. 

Take pride in your role as a military spouse.
Start with strength.
Carry on with courage. 
And retire with wisdom. 

Here's to only the beginning of our adventure. Thank you to all the spouses out there.

-the johnsons 

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