Dear Two Year Old Lucy,

You have provided me with so much joy these past two years. More joy than I could have ever imagined. I never knew the type of love I would have for you until you were placed in my arms. The kind of love that hurts when you imagine anything or anyone ever hurting you for even a second. You are so beautiful, imaginative, sweet, stubborn, smart, cheeky, bashful, full of life, loud, determined, spunky, hilarious, opinionated, sassy, loving, and absolutely amazing. I look at you and my heart could explode with how much I adore that face. Thank you for the best moments of my life, making me a better person and mother.. I know that the years will fly by in an instant. Two is certainly going to be a terrific year!

Her Favorite Things:
Food: cupcakes of course. applesauce, fruit cups, cheese, sausage.
Song: "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift. or "Let it Go" by Frozen Soundtrack. 
Color: Orange
Activity: Swimming, dancing, going to the beach, wrestling with Daddy.
Item: Horsey, Lovey, her Paci, Baby Doll, "Meow" Pillow (Great Grandma Templon you got this one!)
Phrases: "Mama No." "What happened!?" "Not nice" "Thank you, your welcome!" "Please. OK!"

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