Amelia - 4 months

Length: 25 inches (78%)
Weight: 14 lbs 10 oz (74%)
Appearance: I am currently obsessed with her cheeks!! They are so adorably fat I could smooch them a day! She still has light crisp blue eyes and blonde hair. Her skin is so rosey pink and her cheeks blushe the minute she gets warm. She's definitely tall for her age and wears most 6 month clothes but can fit in some 9 month things already. She is super smiley all the time and loves to smile at everyone. She's angry when she's tired or hungry but my goodness her demeanor is so sweet. 
Firsts: First time on an airplane! (To Panama City beach Florida) first time rolling over. First time meeting lots of extended family. 
Personality:  Amelia is such a easy going babe. She still loves to be held all the time and rocked to sleep. She loves to me swaddled and adores a paci. Pretty sure her favorite time of the day is bath time with Lucy. Lucy can make Millie laugh most every time she talks to her. Amelia loves the front carrier and her floor play mat. To sum it up Millie makes me want all the babies all the time. She's a doll. 
How Mama is Feeling: I feel like most mothers with young babies feel.. Tired. But at the same time overwhelmed with happiness. Amelia's milestones seem to be coming and going so much quicker and I want time to stand still some days.. Overall I'm doing fine, adjusting to the craziness of never having a free hand and mentally noting where BOTH my babies are. 
What I've learned as a mom: I have learned the importance of a schedule, but I've also learned the importance of going with the flow. When schedules get screwed up meltdowns are inevitable. I've learned that children directly feed off your energy as a parent.. Staying calm can be incredibly difficult most of the time.. But they look for that weakness ;-) I've learned that I'm stronger and more patient than I ever imagined I'd be. 

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