Amelia - 5 Months

Length: 25 inches ish (we go to the doctor next month!)
Weight: 15 lb ish
Appearance: Smiley baby all the time! This gal never stops smiling.. unless of course she's hungry, which is evident by her awesome cheeks and scrumptious thigh rolls. She still has piercing blue eyes (fingers crossed!) and little lips. Her hair is strawberry blondish and you can barely see her light eyebrows. She fits in 6-9 month clothes and I have to stretch out the 6 month pajamas so her long legs can fit! 
Firsts: First time to Church! First time in a swing, first time in her baby bouncer. First time being carried on my hip! (can't believe she's already a hip baby!)
Personality:  We all love Amelia.. I mean she also just loves everyone. I always say this little lady is just here for the party, and glad to be here! Amelia still loves a good rocking session and loves to eat a lot.. like every 2 hours on the dot! At night she is sleeping a good 7 hours and hopefully that will increase as time goes on. She doesn't wake up mad and is getting more and more used to her carseat. She now belly laughs at just about anything and enjoys 'talking' with her big sister. She can be quite sassy when she's hungry and squawks pretty loud! She certainly isn't a push over.. but who am I kidding none of my babies will be ;-) She reaches for things now and can roll over like a boss. She still can't stand tummy time and ADORES bath time. 
How Mama is Feeling: I feel like each passing day gets better. I am loving Amelia's age right now she basically is glued to my hip all day long or in the front carrier. She would much rather be toted around than set down and really goes with the flow of whatever the day may bring. I love this child to death and could quite possibly kiss her all dang day, she's so cute.
What I've learned as a mom: I have learned that the needs of each child can be so so different. The personalities between siblings will never be the same, and I've learned not to compare the two. I feel as if I've done a great job at not comparing the two girls (except in fun ways). Amelia is such an awesome little baby and me and Matt love the moments when we get to dote over her and give her all our undivided attention. I am so lucky to have this little munchkin glued to my hip I find myself not wanting her to get any older but at the same time I can't wait to see what she will be like in a year or so. 

More photos to come!

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