Amelia - 7 Months

Length: 27 inches ish 
Weight: 18 lb (maybe a little over)
Appearance: She's solid. haha. she's got the most adorable strawberry blonde hair that is sticking straight up as it grows in. Her little wrists and ankles even have rolls. Her eyes are still blue and she gets flushed so easily.
Firsts: First time eating carrots and sweet potato. Which she LOVES! she gets so excited when she sees me get out her food. First time to the urgent care, poor thing had a double ear infection. 
Personality:  Amelia is still a go with the flow kind of kid. She absolutely adores her sister and lights up when she sees Lucy. Amelia also loves to be acknowledged in a room, and if you do so she will reward you with the most ginormous smile and leg kicks! She likes her carseat and really loves bath time. Lucy makes her laugh constantly and she really likes to be toted around on my hip. She's now understanding when I leave the room and definitely is not a fan of that. She is starting to wake up at night again which is not so fun.. but maybe it means some teeth are near. She's sitting great but certainly not interested in crawling yet.
How Mama is Feeling: I feel like these two girls are running me ragged some days but mostly lifting me up other days. There are certain sweet moments of every day that I just wish I could snapshot for my memory. Like when they both curl up next to me as my coffee turns ice cold. Or when I have one on one time with Amelia when Lucy is napping. The constant go go go of two babies 2 and under doesn't bother me one bit.. I feel like I actually thrive from the chaos. I get overwhelmed when one of them isn't feeling well or when I can't solve a problem for them. (i.e. and attitude adjustment) This past month flew by and I'm hanging on to every moment I can.
What I've learned as a mom: I've learned this month to just hang on and enjoy the ride baby!

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