DIY Toddler Fall Sensory Table

The month of October is absolutely gorgeous here and Lucy just loves playing outside, so I decided to utilize the water table my mom got her and make it into a fall sensory table. Let me just tell you, this thing is a HIT! Granted it took me like 3 stores to find whole corn but it was worth it.. we had most all the neighborhood kids playing with it too.

What you'll need

5-8 lb bag of whole corn (I purchased this at a Tractor Supply store)
3 cups (or however many kids you'll have playing with it)
fall treasures : pumpkins, leaves, battery operated lights.. etc (I basically hit up the holiday section at Hobby Lobby and went crazy)

Throw it all in a bin of some sort and let the kids at it! Truthfully I even liked playing with it.

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