Amelia - 8 months

(I'm rather late with this post!)

Length: 27 inches ish 
Weight: 19 lb (maybe a little over?, appointment next month)
Appearance: She's long and big! She fits into 12-18 month clothes and is such a blondie. She has teeny lips and a slightly pointy nose. Her eyebrows are adorably strawberry blonde and her eyes have remained blue. Her hair sticks straight up in the back and is finally starting to grow in thicker!
Firsts: First time eating just about any pureed food you can think of. She loves almost everything except for pureed chicken.. I mean who would, that's gross. First Thanksgiving. First time pushing up to all fours and scooting backwards. (she's desperately trying to crawl)
Personality:  Amelia is still quite the easy going little angel. Except at night, she wants to be cuddled all night and still wakes up quite frequently. Could be due to teeth, hunger, boredom, or a cold.. who knows. She is amazing in the car and loves to pull toys out of containers. She adores being held all day and loves to bounce in her jumper. Although she's rather easy going don't mistake that for a pushover, this girl has got a voice. I can always tell from the other room if Lucy has stolen a toy from Amelia because she squeals in disapproval. She does NOT cry it out very well, or self-soothe, however you want to put it. She naps like a champ (knock on wood) but wakes up every night right around 2-3 am. Hopefully that's just a phase. She sucks on her bottom lip all the time and scrunches her nose when she finds something funny. She adores bath time and gets so so excited when I take her clothes off. She hates getting dressed and screams at me until it's through. She thinks its super funny when you blow air in her face and loves when you kiss her cheeks or tickle her belly. She's so much fun I want to kiss her chunky cheeks all day and night.
How Mama is Feeling: I'm able to get these two on the same nap schedule most days which is super helpful to me. Truthfully I love the chaos of babies but I do not like getting up at night. I miss those full 8 hours of sleep !! I just keep in mind that this too shall pass. Amelia won't always be waking up in the middle of the night just like she won't always want me to rock her. :-( She is growing up so fast and I try desperately to soak up every moment I have of her as an innocent baby. 
What I've learned as a mom: I've learned that I do in fact have an obscene amount of patience. And that I can continue to function of close to no sleep.. with that being said, I'm off to bed!

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