Amelia - 10 Months

Length: 28 ish inches 
Weight: 21 lb 
Appearance: She's turning into such a little person! It's like all of a sudden I can imagine her as a toddler. Her baby rolls won't last long with as much as she's crawling. She's still has only two teeth and can wear 18-24 month clothes. She's basically more beautiful than last month !
Firsts: First time pulling herself up to a stand. First time waving! First time crawling across the room!
Personality:  Amelia is so fun. She's an easy going baby so long as she's fed and not sick. She's already had 3 ear infections and has been sick 4 times. Poor thing picks up all the toddler germs her sister carries around. She is the most unpredictable night-time sleeper and still nurses 3 times a day. She adores being held and eats like crazy. (Ex: for breakfast she managed to eat 2 waffles 2 yogurts and half a banana!) Her favorite part of the day is bath time and she is so easy going when running errands. She crawls all over the house now and follows me and pulls up on my legs. She adores her lovey and raspberry kisses from her sister.
How Mama is Feeling: This past month has been quite the show. With both girls being sick on and off again it seems like January has lasted an eternity. I'm really ready for her to start sleeping longer stretches and have any sort of predictable schedule at night. I'm truthfully pretty exhausted but I absolutely love seeing Amelia discover things as she crawls around the house... so much fun. Definitely have had to go through all Lucy's toys to make sure Amelia doesn't grab a hold of anything too tiny. 
What I've learned as a mom: I've learned that you actually don't need sleep to function. (haha.. but seriously) I've learned that two children is absolutely a thousand times harder than one.. who would have thought ;-) I've learned that in the most trying of times it all eventually will be OK. I've learned to ease up on my mom strictness when the girls aren't feeling well. I've learned that everything is temporary, and to ride out the hard times and relish in the laughs. Laughs have been few and far between this month with all of the sickness so when I've heard them I enjoy it.

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