Amelia - 11 Months

Length: 28 ish inches 
Weight: 21 lb ish? 
Appearance: She's getting so tall! She's already losing her chunky rolls and is on the move. She has the most gorgeous eyes and fair beautiful skin. Her hair is very blonde and actually starting to come in. Her feet are teeny and she has 3 teeth! 
Firsts: First time standing alone. First time clapping. First time saying "Dada" and "Mama" First time feeding herself a pouch. First food poisoning.. so sad. First time doing "So BIG!"
Personality:  Amelia is still the coolest little baby EVER. She loves to play alone and if she's fed she will most often occupy herself in the playroom for quite some time. Her most favorite thing of all time is eating. She wants to eat all the time, and if she sees her sister eating something she has to also have a snack. She can stand all on her own and thinks she's such a big kid. She's always wanting to be all up in Lucy's business with whatever toy Lucy wants. She loves to snuggle and adores her lovey. She is calm in the car and whenever I'm holding her. She adores the bath and refuses to sit on her hiney in the tub. 
How Mama is Feeling: I can hardly believe this is the last month that my daughter will be a baby! Her first year certainly flew by but mostly I'm feeling excited to see her grow and play with her older sister. I'm so sad to see her baby days leave but watching her explore this world is also so much fun.
What I've learned as a mom: I've learned that baby snuggles are so fleeting and soon they want down to explore everything else! I've learned to soak in the sweet baby moments every chance I get. I've learned that just when I think things can't get any harder... they do.. and we get through it, move on and laugh about it later. 

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