Amelia's 2nd Birthday!!

Thank you so much to everyone who made Amelia's birthday so special!! We had such a fun day and I think Amelia loved her Donut themed party! 

Amelia Kate's at age two:
Amelia has bright blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. She is a bit tall for her age and also advanced as far as motor skills are concerned. She runs so darn fast and can keep up with the best of them. She is speaking now and her favorite phrases are "no my turn!" "lovey, paci pease!!!" "I dropped baby!" and "tank you mama." Her favorite items are her pacifier, little blue bunny & lovey. Amelia also loves her crib and to go to sleep. She often walks herself over to our stairs and asks to go "night night." I'm pretty sure she thinks she's approximately three years old and has a huge desire to keep up with whatever her big sister is doing. I'd say she's pretty emotional and it's so sweet. She gets her feelings hurt when being scolded and it takes her a little longer to emotionally get over it. She gets super offended when sent to time out and covers her face with both hands. Amelia loves to eat and even sometimes dances while eating. She specifically loves protein.. I'm talking sausage, hot dogs, ham.. you name it. She doesn't love huge crowds and would prefer to walk away from the madness. Millie plays by herself really well and is quite independent. I swear she was a baby for what seemed like 5 minutes; she's always wanted to be bigger than she is. Amelia insists on buckling her own car seat, as well as every other buckle she can find. She is such a climber and is always on top of something. She makes the silliest closed mouth lip faces that crack me up. Amelia loves to dance and her favorite movie is probably The Good Dinosaur, Storks, or Trolls. If Grams or Nana walk into the room, game over, she's theres. Amelia is a confident, happy, feisty little thing and I adore watching her personality develop. Happy Birthday sweet girl, may you grow up to be brave, kind, smart and strong.

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