Austin's Birth Story

To be quite honest I can still hardly believe I have a third child. I have a son! Two weeks in it's all seriously so surreal still. I'm beyond smitten with this little guy and I feel so incredibly blessed to have such a healthy, happy baby boy. So here it goes, his birth story!

I had a scheduled induction for May 24, 2017 and was getting pretty darn impatient. As some of you know my platelets drop with my pregnancy. This can be pretty scary during a delivery if your platelets get too low because your blood is unable to clot, therefore risking too much blood loss. Hence why they scheduled my induction a few days prior to my due date, just to ensure my platelet count didn't drop too terribly low. 

Tuesday afternoon (May 23rd) I started to have some mild contractions once I put the girls down for nap. I didn't think too much of it (mostly because I didn't want to get my hopes up) but also partly because I'd been having random contractions all week. The girls woke up from naps and we all ventured outside to play with all our neighbors. With the usual 7-8 toddlers playing in my front yard and a few friends in my garage I started having pretty consistent contractions around 5pm. Once again I didn't want to get my hopes up so I kind of ignored them, although they were right around 3-4 minutes apart. Sure enough they started to get more intense and I texted Matt to get his hiney home ASAP. Once he arrived home around 5:30pm I pretty much knew we needed to go to the hospital.. mostly because I also lost my mucus plug (sorry for too much information!) 

So he arrived home and ran around like crazy getting everything we may need for the hospital. (which wasn't much because I'd been packed for like 2 weeks!) At this point my contractions were 3 minutes apart and were really starting to be painful to the point that I couldn't speak through them. We jetted out of the house and headed to the hospital, which was over an hour drive. Matt decided that he would attempt to get a police escort. He had great intentions and anticipated that a cop would lead the way and we could speed like hell to the hospital! Unfortunately he called and was kind of misunderstood on the phone. The woman on the phone was asking questions such as: "do you see the head!?" "Tell her not to cross her legs!" "Don't keep the baby in!" I could hear my husband on the phone saying, "NO! NO! she's in labor but not that far! We just need a police escort, she's doing OK!." Meanwhile I'm on the phone with my mother who is asking me to stay on the line through the next contraction so she can also time how far apart they are.

Next thing I know we are pulling over... yes.. pulling over, into a parking lot. I turned to Matt and asked what the hell he was doing. The EMT guys walked up to my window (while I'm having a contraction) and asked if I wanted to hop in the ambulance to be taken to the hospital. As Matt tells it, my reaction was "I'm not getting in an ****** ambulance!" (you fill in the blank). My thought process was that I had plenty of time to make it, and an ambulance was absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary! My parents heard the whole thing and were probably also wondering what the hell was going on. Next thing to happen was Matt asking the EMT guy "What if my wife won't get out of the car?" ... so I signed a decline waver and we were off on our merry way to the hospital!

We arrived in triage and I was 4 cm dilated and having ridiculously painful contractions. They admitted us into labor and delivery around 7:30pm. The contractions were really darn close and absolutely unbearable. The nurse checked me and I was already at 6 cm. This baby wasn't going to take long and the nurse knew it. The doctor came back with my blood work and my platelets were above 100, meaning I was allowed to get the beloved epidural. Upon receiving the epidural, even through contractions, Matt says, "I've never seen you sit so still in my entire life." Because I was already so far along in my labor the nurse told me that the epidural wouldn't take full effect. Austin was already in the transitional phase. He was coming, and coming fast. My legs never fully went numb, but the epidural luckily took the edge off the horrible contractions. I could still feel the pressure and severe pain of him but it was a fraction of the pain compared to my experience with natural child labor. After receiving the epidural the nurse made me lie on my left side to progress labor. No more than 30 minutes of doing that I felt quite a bit of pressure and really didn't feel as if I should close my legs anymore. At that point the nurse checked me and I was about fully dilated. Our nurse then asked for me to do "practice pushes." So I did, and I'm 90% sure his head crowned as soon as I did a "practice push." She then, ever so calmly, paged the doctor and told me our son had quite a bit of hair. In came the doctor and sure enough Austin was ready to be born. Head, shoulders, and one last push and he was here. I screamed bloody murder, like really loud, and also expressed how there's no way I could possibly get him out. I felt a ridiculous amount of pain.. inexplainable pain..

They placed him on my chest and I was in utter shock. He was here, my son. I kissed his sweet head and thanked God for this miracle. He stayed on my chest for 40 minutes or so until his body temperature got a bit too low. They then took him over to the warming station and kept him there to warm him up a bit. At this point I was losing a bit too much blood, shaking like crazy, more blood than they wanted me to lose. I was losing large clots and needless to say it was insanely painful when the doctor checked me. After all that was in order we were moved to the mother and baby floor and Austin was perfect, healthy, and in my arms.

Timeline breakdown:
May 23, 2017
5:00pm serious contractions started at home
6:00pm left for the hospital
7:15pm admitted to labor and delivery at 4 cm
8:15pm EPIDURAL!
8:30-9:45pm progressed from 6-8cm
10:00pm 9-10 cm ! PUSH PUSH PUSH (head, shoulders, knees, & toes)
10:19pm Austin Harlan Johnson born 7 lb 12 ounces 20.5 inches long

Perks of a third baby, fast delivery! He came out with a few precious stork bites. One on the back of his neck, on on his left eyelid, and one in between his eyebrows. We are absolutely in love with you Austin and are currently soaking in every tiny detail of your being. I'm so thankful to have Matt by my side.. he has once again proven to be the greatest husband and partner when bringing a new baby into this world. His calm demeanor and endless support made me fall in love with him all over again. He had endless confidence in me and gave me such strength throughout the entire experience. Thank you Matt, I have you to thank for these three incredible humans.

Also a huge THANK YOU to my mom and dad for taking care of my girls during Austin's birth. They were loved and adored while me and Matt welcomed our new baby into this world. We can't thank you enough for caring for our first two babies. Lucy and Amelia certainly adore their Grams and Granddaddy!


  1. Congratulations! He is beautiful and perfect! I love reading these stories and seeing how different all babies decide to show up - and of course see squishy little newborn pictures!

    Kourtney @

    1. Thanks!! I agree and enjoy reading your blog as well, always nice to see a fellow marine spouse handle life with multiple children so well!!