Best Gifts for Young Kids

I'm always searching for ideas for my two girls for gifts. Nothing is more infuriating than scouring the Internet for the perfect gift for your little ones and they use it once then cast it aside. These gifts will be sure to interest your littles time and time again.

1. Rock Crayons.

We haven't yet purchased these but they are totally on our wish list this year. They seem easy for even smaller kids to color.

$16.99 Purchase it HERE

2. Kindle Fire for kids.

I am a huge proponent of limited screen time. However we do live in an age where electronics are almost unavoidable. The reason why I love the Kindle Fire for kids is the content and the ability to monitor and set limits on anything your kids are doing. Anytime I've ever looked over at my girls tablets I've never been disappointed with the content, and nine times out of ten what they are doing is educational. I set a 1 hour time limit whenever they use it and you can even go back as a parent and view what they've done for that hour. You can even set time limits on the amount of time spent on books, videos, and games. I highly recommend this item.

$129 Purchase it HERE

3. Shapes & Colors Bean Bags.

These are a super fun way to get interactive with your kids when learning their shapes and colors. 

$21 & $16 Purchase it HERE 

4. Fisher Price Pull Puppy.

This may seem like just another plastic toy but my kids are seriously obsessed with the neighbor's toy like this. Five kids fight over who gets to walk the puppy and it's only $12! Can't beat that. And best news is you don't have to house-train it. 

$12 Purchase it HERE

5. Water Beads.

I can't say enough about how much fun these things are. You soak them in water overnight and voila the next day they are the BEST sensory experience. I suggest playing with these outside but we always get them and love them. 

$12 Buy it HERE

6. PlayMags, magnetic play tile set.

We haven't yet purchased these but they have long been on our wish list. These tiles are seriously the coolest, they are magnetic and the building possibilities are endless. This is a great option for boys and girls!

This set is $52 but smaller sets range from $20+ Buy it HERE

7. Play Mobil.

Any of these play mobil play sets are sure to be a keeper. We pull out our sets on rainy days and the girls play for up to an hour uninterrupted. The pieces are small and not suitable for tiny ones so we keep them out of the way of the everyday toys and save them for special occasions. The best part is you can add to your collection which I like. We have this exact set but all of them are adorable.

These sets range from $8+ This playground set is $13 Buy it HERE

8. Razor Scooter.

I totally had one of these growing up and really was obsessed with it. Our girls don't have them yet because they aren't quite ready for them but I can't wait for them to grow into them so we can order a couple. This exact one even lights up!

Razor scooters range in price depending what you want but this one is $27.99 Buy it HERE

9. Tree Hopper Toys Match Sets.

These look super fun. This particular matching set is called "Little Hipster." They have all different themes and I love how portable and durable they are. This is also something fun for parents to play with their kids say at a restaurant or on the go. 

$20 Buy it HERE

10. Kid's Teepee Tent

Our girls have a tent in their room and I added adorable twinkle lights in it. They love to go in there and use it every single day. This is such a fun thing to have and what an even more fun item to see next to a Christmas tree on Christmas morning!

$70 Buy it HERE

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  1. These are awesome ideas! So many of these things are on my wish list too, especially the PlayMags.