Terrific Twos

My Millie Kate, you amaze me everyday. 

You are the most hilarious little human and you truly believe that you are in fact 4 years old.
You can already ride a bike... fast.
You didn't even flinch when getting shots.
You have zero desire to go to school or be without Mama.
You adore babies & always have a baby doll in your hands. 
You'd prefer always to be outside.. with zero clothes on.
You still have a serious addiction to your pacifier and lovey.
You never want to wear shoes and often ask to wrestle. 
You prefer any sort of meat over sweets. (hotdogs/sausages/ham > desserts)
You love to play in water, not matter what time of year.
You are fiercely independent and rarely want my help with anything.
You are an opinionated two year old but still have such a sweet soul.

I absolutely adore you my Amelia.

Leotard is by Alice and Ames and we just love their clothes.

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