Best Baby/ Toddler Gifts

When choosing gifts for my older kids its pretty easy I'd say, mostly because they tell me exactly what they want. I decided to make a best baby/toddler gifts guide because I have sort of been at a loss for what to buy Austin, my 6 month old.

1. Stacking Cups by Green Toys. $12 Sold HERE

First of all I just love the Green Toys brand. They are made out of recycled milk containers! This simple toy is always a good one.

2. Felt Bible Series. $23 Sold HERE
My oldest daughter received a soft Bible for her baptism and really loves it. This looks similar!

3. Cloth Letter Cards with Cloth Bag. $36 Sold HERE

I find these so adorable and can grow with them!

4. Ball Pit Playpen & Tunnel & Tent. $30-45 Sold HERE
Ball Pit balls sold HERE

Kids of every age love ball pits! My niece had a ball themed first birthday and she adored the ball pit and tunnel!

5. Cook 'N' Grill Wood BBQ Set. $52 Sold HERE

This may be obviously a bit advanced for his age but I find this to be absolutely adorable and perfect for any age kid. (especially babies with older siblings)

6. Jellycat Plush Toys $15 Sold HERE

Both of my girls have their own JellyCat bunnies and they adore them. This brand is so so soft and a must have in bed. They come in lots of different animals and colors.

7. Zutano Baby Booties $20+ Sold HERE

I adore these baby booties. They actually stay on your baby's feet compared to socks or silly grown up shoes.

8. Funny Teethers $6 Sold HERE

Teething toys are an inexpensive baby gift or the perfect stocking stuffer. I think these Appeteethers are too funny.

9. Sign About Books $4 Sold HERE

I love signing with my babies and always wanted them to learn even more sign language. These books are simple and great.

10. Wooden Rocking Horse This model $63 Sold HERE

My father-in-law built us the most beautiful rocking horse and all of my kids love it. This is another item your baby may use closer to a year but it is a great option that they'll get sick of in a month or so!

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