Bible Journaling Favorites

I started Bible journaling about a year and a half ago. I've tried countless times to open my Bible and work my way through it but honestly a lot of the scripture I found dare I say dull? I am far more creative than I am analytical. I came across an Instagram post of someone who painted in their Bible. I mean actually painted on the pages and I immediately found it super inspiring. That very same day I scoured Amazon and started my own Bible journaling. Needless to say I really feel as if I've found a new found passion in God's word.

This is a quick list of some of my favorite Bible journaling items. There are dozens of different mediums you can use to illustrate your Bible but I found these items to be great starter options.

1. Bible

I really like this version, it's simple, has wide margins and looks classic. Purchase it HERE

2. Pens

These Sakura Pigma pens write really nice on Bible paper and do not bleed at all through the thin pages. I have the all black set in various point sizes. But they also offer a color set that I am definitely planning to snag next! Color set sold HERE, Black set sold HERE

3. Colored Pencils

I purchases a set of watercolor pencils because they write really smooth and don't tear through the fine pages. Sold HERE

4. Watercolors

This is probably my favorite medium to work with when it comes to Bible illustration. I adore watercolor anything and I purchased this one because it has a wide variety of colors and I love the size of it. Snag one HERE

5.  Stamp Pad 

I purchased this stamp pad because the ink doesn't bleed onto other pages once dry. (and it dries super quick) I also purchased little alphabet stampers to go with it. Stamp pad link HERE, Alphabet stampers HERE.

6. Washi Tape

Washi tape is at just about every craft store. There are so many different patterns, colors, and designs. I just love it. I also like to use washi tape not only on my Bible but also on my monthly planner and to seal invitations and letters! HERE is an awesome variety set that I've been eyeing.

7.  Stickers
Stickers are a quick easy way to decorate your readings. If you aren't super artistic I suggest flooding your bible with colorful stickers! HERE is a really faith based theme sticker selection.

8.  Sharpies
Sharpies are the best, obviously. I use them in my Bible not as frequently as I do the calligraphy pens because they do tend to bleed. They offer super bold statements and are a must for my Bible journaling. HERE is a pretty colorful pack.

9.  Pencils & Erasers
I think we all have these on hand but they are super important if you want to attempt more detailed illustrations. Much easier to fix than a sharpie or calligraphy pen! HERE are some neat ones that are varied in color and erase!

10. Bible book Tags
I don't have these yet but I really would like to get some. They stick on the outside of your Bible and help you locate any book you need in less time! I love this brand Illustrated Faith and the ones I've been looking to purchase can be found HERE.

I hope in the future to dabble in other types of paint, maybe acrylic. But for now I am really enjoying the supplies I currently own.

So grab your bible and go for it! Paint, color, draw, do whatever you wish to glorify God!

Illustrated Faith is an awesome company that offers a lot of different gorgeous Bible journaling supplies too. Make sure to check them out, they are the best!

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