Deployment Binge Worthy Shows - 2018

Deployment is rough for dozens of reasons. However the one thing that is kind of nice is you get to watch whatever you want every single night. No more fighting over the remote or bickering back and forth for 30 minutes then finally settling into HGTV. (don't get me wrong, I love HGTV)

So put the kids to bed, grab some wine, spoon into your ice-cream and check out my list of suggestions for you to totally binge on while your spouse is deployed:

1. Game of Thrones! 
Just do it. You've heard the hype, get hooked. Because a deadly battle for the seven kingdoms is riveting and dragons.. hello!

2. House of Cards
I really love this show. It requires full attention and is all about greed and corruption in American politics. 

3. The Crown
This is on my to watch list but I have at least six friends who are obsessed. It follows the romances and rivalries surrounding the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

4. Shameless
This is seriously really raunchy but totally awesome. The Gallagher family of six handles life with a deadbeat drunk dad while Fiona the eldest daughter basically parents everyone.

5. Orange is the New Black
Because if you haven't yet. why?

6. Call the Midwife
This is a feel good show, emotional but such a good series. It follows a group of midwives in the poverty-stricken East End of London. They are joined by a group of eccentric nuns and live together at the Nonnatus House. 

7. Parenthood
Who doesn't love this show!? I watched all six seasons of Parenthood while Matt was gone for a six week workup. It's such a classic. The huge family dynamic makes you want to expand your own family.

8. The Keepers
Although kind of creepy, this show details the murder of a nun and high school teacher. 

9. Alias Grace
Think "The Handmaid's Tale" but with murder. Grace Marks a poor Irish immigrant and servant accused of murder of her employer and his housekeeper.

10. Mindhunter
Just started this and it's more suspense with mystery. It's about an FBI agent who's responsibility is to examine the criminal minds of serial killers.

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