When you buy, Yoobi gives.

So Yoobi is a super fun company that offers all sorts of art supplies from notebooks, art items, bags, chalk, writing tools, and organizational supplies. The best thing about this company is the impact they have with underserved schools across the U.S. When you make a purchase of a yoobi item, one Yoobi item is donated to a classroom in need. Since launching Yoobi has donated supplies to more than 3 million kids! I mean that's pretty incredible.

This season Yoobi has released some pretty awesome chalk products, which is so up our alley. These products really are the perfect items for your kiddos Easter baskets. They are reasonably priced, super colorful/ kid friendly, and help classrooms in need! It's a win, win, win!

Check out the awesome products my kids have really been enjoying.

The chalk is all washable and so vibrant. We especially loved the roller paints! My girls found them easy to roll and not too messy!

The best part is how affordable all of these are! The best Easter basket stuffers, just in time for warmer weather. 

The Easter egg chalk is perfect for tiny hands who are just learning to draw with chalk. My two girls also fought over the rainbow and donut chalk because they are just too fun!

Like I said earlier, for each product Yoobi gives a product to an underserved classroom in the U.S. 

These cute little items are erasers!

Last but not least Lucy posing for her #lucyschalkworld on behalf of #yoobi. Because seriously if you haven't yet checked them out DO IT! Head to your local target or check out www.yoobi.com

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