More than Survival: Living your Best Life during Deployment

Note: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 1 Natural Way, a TRICARE breast pump provider. All opinions are entirely my own.

I write this two months into our second deployment. I don’t claim to be a seasoned military spouse, or to have all the answers. I hesitate to write this because I’m in the thick of this crazy life, navigating emotions day by day and I’m not too sure if I have any real advice to offer. I thoroughly enjoy reading military family experiences whether they come from members who’ve served for 20 plus years, or from those who are fresh out of training, embarking on first assignments.  I have the utmost respect for all families of all branches of the military, regardless of if your rank; the community is unlike any other.

Deployments are rough, for so many reasons. The single best piece of advice I can offer to make it through a deployment without losing your mind would be: do not try to bear the load completely by yourself. Our first deployment I did not follow this rule. I never asked for help, never created time for myself, and desperately attempted to play the "strong Marine Corps wife" role. The result: a total and utter breakdown. I physically broke down and mentally found myself overloaded and exhausted.

This time around, I knew better. I called in reinforcements, put down my guard, and decided that I could not do this alone. I made serious plans to have time for myself, and to have one single goal for this deployment: live in the moment. Too much of my time was spent last deployment wishing the days would pass faster. I swore to myself this time around I would slow it down, enjoy my children, enjoy the chaos, and carve out time for myself.

To do so I had to create an independence from my children. This can be near impossible to do, especially being a military spouse. I am my children’s’ constant, I am their solid rock who is never going anywhere. It can be hard to place trust in a caregiver when your spouse is away, but it is absolutely necessary. To make this happen for my own family I had to ensure that my youngest, of three, would take a bottle. To make this happen I needed to pump breastmilk and create a solid storage in my freezer. To do so I needed a solid breast pump.

Austin is my third baby, and up until this point I had no idea that TriCare insurance covers, free of charge, multiple TriCare breastpump models such as: the Medela Freestyle, the Medela Pump in Style Tote/ Backpack, and the Spectra S1 Breast Pump. 1 Natural Way is an in-network Tricare breast pump provider for all Tricare plans. To get your pump all you need to do is:

1      1. Fill out your insurance information 
2      2. Select your breast pump model (remember Tricare covers all models 1naturalway offers)
3      3. Enroll in the Monthly breastfeeding accessories program (called resupply)
4      4. Provide 1naturalway with a prescription or your doctor’s info. (I asked for a prescription when I was 30 ish weeks pregnant)
5      5. Your pump and supplies will come straight to your doorstep!

The best part is 1 Natural Way handles contacting both your insurance provider and your physician on your behalf. I mean it’s seriously so easy! Not to mention 1 Natural Way also offers tons of wonderful breast pump accessories, compression socks and postpartum care supplies. So many things are difficult when handling babies and deployment, but obtaining these breast pumps are easy as pie.

Whether you are a new mom or a mom to multiples, breast pumps are so helpful, particularly when you are a temporary single mom while your spouse is deployed. I’ve been able to create a freezer storage of almost 100 ounces of breast milk giving me the ability to take time for myself. A recharged mother is exactly what my three kids need when my husband is away. We cannot do it alone and we shouldn’t have to. Enjoy your life while your military spouse is gone. We miss them desperately while they are away but life is sweet and you should create lasting memories with or without them. Upon their return you’ll have stories to tell and memories to share. Wishing all you families out there strength, patience, and grace during your deployments!

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