Best Baby Carrier: Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Ergo Baby Carrier

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Ok so for anyone who knows me at all knows I just love to wear my babies, and good news I have finally found the best baby carrier. I am ALL about baby wearing as much as possible. And I certainly don't discriminate from wraps, buckles, slings.. you name it, me and my babes have worn it. I have a lot of mommy friends who aren't quite as comfortable baby wearing because they don't feel that their babe is secure. Drum Roll please...

Ergobaby Cool Air Mesh Carrier. Breathable. Lightweight. Easy. Our mesh fabric is soft & durable so you stay cool & comfortable.

This baby wearing device is incredible! I wish I would have had it when I had Lucy 5 years ago. I am a big fan of Ergo in general, but this carrier takes the cake. This carrier kind of does it all, it's comfortable, breathable, safe, versatile, and lightweight. My personal favorite thing about this product is the ability to safely have my baby forward facing.

It is much lighter than some other models and other brands. The cool air mesh is a must to keep you and baby from sweating to smithereens. I'm constantly running after my five year old and my three year old and this safely keeps my one year old strapped to me and him and I are both comfortable. Having the ability to face him out is a game changer! This is seriously a customizable carrier by first adjusting the seat to your baby's height with the velcro tabs. Next position their head support according to their age and activity. Then finally adjust the seat to face baby in or out using the sliders located on the front!

The W shape that their little chubby legs make when facing out is completely safe for their joints and this position is wonderful once they've passed that mobile age and really want to check out the world around them. Another wonderful selling point for this carrier is it can be used from 7lbs until 45 lbs!

This has been a lifesaver for my third baby. Our Austin is constantly being toted around while I'm trying to keep up with the older girls. This carrier allows napping strapped to my chest regardless of any "ideal baby schedule," which would keep the girls cooped up at home. With multiple children I cannot be stuck in the house all day and this carrier allows me to chase the girls without losing the third. (haha if only I was kidding) He snoozes on my chest and when he wakes up I flip him around to enjoy watching the chaos that is our five year old and three year old.

I'm beyond thrilled to have this carrier in our family and plan to use it until the bitter end of those toddler days, because we all know its not just babies that love to be toted around! My kids adore taking cat naps in this carrier just make sure when facing out your little one isn't asleep! So if you are on the fence, look no further, get this carrier now because I have approximately five other baby wearing devices and my husband and I pull this one out time after time. Go for it, click below, you will NOT be disappointed.
Ergobaby Cool Air Mesh Carrier. Breathable. Lightweight. Easy. Our mesh fabric is soft & durable so you stay cool & comfortable.


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