The Johnsons' Oil Journey

So as most of you know I have made the jump in to the wonderful world of essential oils. I've been using oils ever since Lucy was teeny tiny, but most recently I've decided to share my passion for wellness and oils.

It all began with the Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit. I have such an incredible team of individuals who are so knowledgeable about oils and if you are interested in oils or enrolling yourself visit Young Living's Website, sign up HERE. Enter my number 14484521 for both the "enroller" and "sponsor id" fields. When signing up it means you receive your Premium Starter Kit and no further commitments. Next you can choose to opt into the Essential Rewards Monthly (ER) auto ship. I highly recommend this because you receive free products all the time and monthly can customize what you'd like to add to your oil collection. (but again not necessary and can choose this option at a later time) 

Why Young Living?

The truth is, no other company can compare to Young Living. I am a huge proponent of people using quality oils. And Young Living does just that. They are the leading oil company and the only one that promises a Seed To Seal guarantee. This means they source from their own corporate-owned farms. They have access to the best essential oil and oil-infused products in the world. The Seed to Seal guarantee ensures that the quality of the products are consistently pure, clean and most of all safe! These oils are top tier which is vital to me personally and which is why I trust this company so much. Not only that but they have so many products besides their pure oils that it makes jumping into the oily world super easy and not intimidating.

What do we use oils for?
The real question is what don't we use oils for. Sounds silly but whatever you are needing there truly is an oil for that. From the moment we wake up to the bedtime countdown we are using oils. Most often we use our oils for immune support, sleep aids, energy, allergy relief, digestion support, and to replace all of our toxic cleaning supplies. Also ditching those horrible candles! But the possibilities are endless and I find more uses each day.

Is it safe for kids?
Absolutely. Young Living developed a line of oil blends specifically for children. They come pre-diluted so there is no guess work when using them for your littles.

Is it expensive?
Most people are nervous about the initial cost of essential oils. The cost is affordable but yes it can be quite overwhelming. The truth is these little bottles can replace everything in your home that you currently use. The highly concentrated bottles of pure ingredients go such a long way per drop. The most cost effective way is to grab a starter kit.

What should I get?
The starter kit! The kit is the absolute most cost effective way to jump into oils. It includes 11 of the most highly used, versatile oils. It also includes loads of informative material, Ningxia Samples, Thieves cleaning samples, AND a beautiful diffuser (I recommend the Desert Mist). That's roughly $300 worth of oils and products for $160! And when joining a team like mine, you are never alone on your oil journey. Our team has numerous groups for any single question you may have concerning your oils.

Do I have to sell oils after becoming a member?
You certainly do not! Upon purchasing a starter kit you are officially a member of Young Living. This does not mean you have to sign up for a monthly minimum or sell any Young Living products. Most people purchase their kit and quickly learn that it's just the incredible beginning of their oily journey. In the future you may sign up for Essential Rewards (ER), a monthly subscription that is customizable month by month to what you and your family may need. I started off with my starter kit and becoming a member because I simply wanted ability to purchase oils for my family whenever necessary at wholesale prices. (24% discount!) I then realized that I should start sharing about this company to everyone I love.

Once again CLICK HERE to sign up and treat yourself to wellness!

Other Fun Stuff you may want/need for your Essential Oils:

Reference Book: click here
A carrier oil: click here
Spray bottles: click here
Roller bottles: click here
Oil Recipe Journal: click here

 Any suggestions made on this blog are very specific to Young Living essential oils and should not be used with oils from another source. Statements made on this website about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician. If you are currently on medication, please do not stop.

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