Who rests anymore?

"Self-care is so important, take time to rest..."


"Don't disappoint yourself"
"You are a boss babe"
"Fake it until you make it"

"Be disciplined"
"Stay focused Queen"
"You attract what you believe you're worth"

"Make an impact"
"The days are long, but the years are short"

"Success is a decision"
"Don't be busy, be productive"

"Your vibe attracts your tribe"
"I deserve the world"

"Create your own joy"
"Find a way, not an excuse"

At times we all want to believe these seemingly harmless affirmations. We want to be enough, do more, be better, but ya'll, we've got it so, so wrong. These affirmations, they are pure poison to the soul. I beg of you, if read them, then please leave them.

Let me ask you friend, do you take time to rest? And please do not confuse this with society's version of rest, i.e. jumping into a pilates class, posting on social media your latest date night, or running a bath to soak for 8 minutes only to be dragged out by a kid. 

No, I mean truly rest - to actually be still. 

Maybe it's asking to be alone, to nap, sleep late, see a friend, pray, read a book, or just escape your reality? Hands up, I do not do this.

When you choose to never truly rest, your tribe gets the best end of the deal. When you accomplish darn near all the things, the small world you are meticulously woven into benefits so much from you, never actually resting, but do you benefit?

Upset? Me too. Let us regroup and dissect the above statement. Your family, your children, your friends, and social circles, all benefit greatly from you operating at max capacity, all the time. And this may be true; but you will never be able to keep this pace unless you take the time to treat yourself as well as you treat them. 

Want to know something wild? Every single conversation you have, every meal you make, every mess you clean, and simply put, every soul you encounter, will ultimately thrive from you cultivating consistent rest for you.

Think about it for a moment friends. You finally collapse on your pillow, only to be woken multiple times that night. The baby is teething, you've tucked in the kids, three, four, times over, leaving you anxiety ridden, calculating the hours remaining for sleep. Before you even dream, the alarm clock blares, and the sun casts its beams and immediately you press GO. You tackle the unimaginable amount penciled on and off your to do list and everyone around you is benefiting. Every career commitment, volunteer sign-up, spouse conversation, child affirmation, pet clean up, family member debacle, and friend circle benefit from your excruciating non-stop, selfless hard work. The world runs smoother when you consciously bust your ass for those around you. 

Where's the lie?

Imagine for a moment, we collectively decide that tomorrow.... we simply quit. OK maybe we don't take it so far as quitting, but how about we operate at 50% capacity tomorrow. Half the meals get made, half the dishes get done, half the patience remains, half the work is tackled, and half the love given. 

If you identify with what I'm about to say, you are not alone; to me, a 50% equates to an F... i.e. an absolute failure. Who wants to wake up only to fail? I internalize this, thinking I've let down all of those around me. The day, therefore ruined, or at least frowned upon. As a Christian we know that his mercies are apparently new every morning, but I know darn well, by society's standards, I'll likely "fail" again tomorrow. 

So now what?

Take a breath friends and please, let me express from the depths of my soul, if you thought even for a second, that you failed today... you are dead wrong. That is a lie straight from the mouth of the devil himself. 

The truth: our lives are not on an academic scale of pass/fail, A-F, bonus points, or even a classroom curve. They are based off of who we place first when our eyes open and we press GO. 

We have a single goal, one simple question in mind every single day we walk upon this earth:

Did I put Jesus first? 

Did we live this day for HIS glory? 

During the mess, the chaos, the 'am I good enough's', the deadlines, the anxiety, the weight of the world, did we consider what HE may think of us. I'll tell you what he thinks of us, he loves us, beyond a capacity we can even grasp, and gracious is he looking upon us with adoration. No amount of misstep or confusion can separate us from his love. 

Wanted to give up today? Yup, me too friend, more than a handful of times. 

One of the craziest notions is that God believes in you, but not in your capacity to operate at 100% every moment, or even 50%. God believes in your soul to live for him, not for your to do list. Clear the list, you've succeeded today if you chose to follow him and put his will before yours. He expects us to fail, he expects us to become burnt out, and incapable, because we are completely incapable without him. 

We can be made whole if we rest in HIM. This includes taking time to feed your soul with his word but also things that HE placed on your heart that bring you joy. Your delights are his delights and he delights in seeing you feed YOU. 

So please let me circle back around to our Pinterest affirmation quotes. These can be absolutely full of truth and goodness, but only if we are rooted in where our joy, strength, abundance, and love comes from.. and my friends that is Jesus. 

You have one job, and one job only, hand it to Jesus, put HIS glory first. That's it. You've already won. 

Believe me, I have yet to master this, probably never will; but I'll swear to keep trying, only if you promise too. 

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