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...... Matt and I met when we were 15 years old and started dating my Junior year of High School.
...... He asked me out several times, my answer being No. :-/
...... Finally he stopped asking so I asked him out before his Senior prom, his answer being Yes. :-)
...... We are  both Virginia Tech graduates & sure love our Hokies
......We married one another at age 22 on September 23, 2011. We had a much larger wedding on July 14, 2012. To view all of our wedding photos click here.
..... On July 2, 2013 we welcomed the birth of our baby girl Lucille Mae.. we really do love Lucy ;-)
..... On March 14, 2015 we had our second girl Amelia Kate.. and she has brought so much joy.
..... Matt is learning to fly the UH-1 Yankee for the Marine Corps
..... I am a freelance photographer with a degree in Communication.. and a love for writing
..... We have pooches, Bruno & Reagan, and they are a hot mess but we love them
..... Mostly we try not too take life to seriously and do our best to love one another more and more each day.

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